August 1, 1852 & 1860

August 1, 1852 in Thoreau’s Journal

The small rough sun flower helianthus divaricatus tells of August heats….

P8122074 (1).jpg

May it not stand for the character of August?


Found a long dense spike of the Orchis psycodes— Much later this than the great orchis—the same only smaller & denser—not high colored enough



August 1, 1860 in Thoreau’s Journal

How much of beauty–of color as well as form–on which our eyes daily rest goes unperceived by us! No one but a botanist is likely to perceive nicely the different shades of green which the open surface of the earth is clothed–not even a landscape painter if he does not know the species of sedges and grasses which paint it.


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