June 10, 1852

in Thoreau’s Journal:

Lupines their pods & seeds–1st the profusion of color. spikes of flowers rising above & prevailing over the leaves.– then the variety in dif clumps rose? purple-blue & white-then the handsome palmate leaf made to hold dew. Gray says from lupus wolf because they “were thought to devour the fertility of the soil.” This is scurrilous. Under Fair Haven. First grew the V. pedata here–then Lupines mixed with the delicate snapdragon. This soil must abound with the blue principle. Is that the tephrosia so forward. The fruit of the cerasus pumila is puffed up, is puffed up like Haw’s plums. The aralia nudicaulis already shows small green berries. The lupine has no pleasant fragrance. The cistus a slight enlargement of the Cinquefoil. The June? cinquefoil


––what the summer can do.

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