July 11, 1852

 in Thoreau’s Journal:

Now is the time for meadow walking (I am in the meadow north of Hubbards Bridge.) You go dry shod now through meadows which were comparatively impassable before. Those western reserves which you had not explored. We are thankful that the water has preserved them inviolate so long. There is a cheerful light reflected from undersides of the ferns in the dryer meadows now––and has been for some time––especially in breezy weather. It was so in June. The dusty roads & roadsides begin to show the effects of drought–– The corn rolls. The bass on Conantum is now well in blossom. It probably commenced about the 9th. Its flowers are conspicuous for a tree & a rather agreeable odor fills the air. The tree resounds with the hum of bees on the flowers. On the whole it is a rich sight. Is it not later than the Chestnut? The elder is a very conspicuous & prevalent flower now––with its large flat cymes. Pogonias & Calopogons are very abundant in the meadows.


July 10, 2017 (Pogonia)

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