July 15, 1854

in Thoreau’s Journal:

Rained still in forenoon, now cloudy

Fields comparatively deserted today & yesterday –hay stands cocked in them on all sides––Some being shorn are clear for the walker. It is but a short time that he has to dodge the haymakers– This cooler-–still cloudy weather after the rain is very autumnal & restorative to our spirits– The robin sings–still–but the goldfinch twitters over oftener–& I hear the link link of the bobolink (one perfect strain!) and the crickets creak more as in the fall– All these sounds dispose our minds to serenity– Perhaps the mosquitoes are most troublesome such days in the woods if it is warm enough. We seem to be passing or to have passed a dividing line between spring & autumn–& begin to descend the long slope toward winter….

….the meadow is the broad dark green rank of pickerel weeds &c &c (polygonum &c) then the light reflecting edging of pads–& then the smooth still cloud reflecting water. My thoughts are driven inward–even as clouds and trees are reflected in the still smooth water– There is an inwardness even in the mosquitoes hum–while I am picking blueberries in the dank wood.

Rhexia near the R. Copallina [winged sumac]–ap yesterday XXX….

P8073179 (1).jpg

Rexia virginica

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