July 26, 1853

in Thoreau’s Journal:

I mark again the sound of the crickets or locusts about alders &c about this time when the first asters open––which makes you fruitfully meditative–– Helps condense your thoughts–like meldews in the afternoon– This the afternoon of the year. How apt we are to be reminded of lateness–even before the year is half spent. Such little objects check the diffuse tide of our thoughts & bring it to a head–which thrills us– They are such fruits as music, poetry, love which humanity bears. Saw one of the common wild roses R. lucida (?) The swamp-black berry ripe X in open ground. The rhus copallina is not yet quite out, though the glabra is in fruit. The smaller purple-fringed orchis has not quite filled out its spike– What a surprise to detect under the dark damp cavernous copes––where some wild beast might fitly prowl this splendid flower silently standing with all its eyes on you. It has a rich fragrance withal. Rain in the evening.


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