July 29th

July 29, 1853 in Thoreau’s Journal:

Most fields are so completely shorn now that the walls & fence sides where plants are protected appear unusually rich. I know not what aspect the flowers would present if our fields & meadows were untouched for a year––if the mower were not permitted to swing his scythe there. No doubt some plants contended long in vain with these vandals & at length withdrew from the contest. About these times some hundreds of men with freshly sharpened scythes make an irruption into my garden when in its rankest condition & clip my herbs all as close as they can––& I am restricted to the rough hedges & worn out fields which had little to attract them to the most barren & worthless pastures— I know how some fields of Johnswort & golden rod look left in the natural state —but not much about our richest fields & meadows—


July 29, 1857 in Thoreau’s Journal

I am interested in an indistinct prospect, a distant view, a mere suggestion often, revealing an almost wholly new world to me.


I rejoice to get, and am apt to present, a new view.

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