August 8, 1852 

 in Thoreau’s Journal:  

Ambrosia artemisiaefolia. July was a month of dry torrid heat & drouth especially the fore part—Aug. thus far of gentle-rain storms & fogs-dog-days. Things mildew now— The sun is warm but it is damp & cool in shade. The colored willow herb is an interesting small flower-pink (?) or white with its long seed vessel in RR gutter by red house. Dodder Cuscuta Americana just out. Cerasus Virginiana is now dark almost quite black & rather edible— It was only red before. Elderberries almost ripe. I notice now along the North River—Horsemint—arrowhead—Cardinal flower—trumpet weed just coming out. Water parsnip—skullcap (lateriflora) Monkey flower &c &c

Rattlesnake plantain is budded. Rivers meander most not amid rugged mts. but through soft level meadows. In some places the ground is covered now with the black unbelled berries of the sarsaparilla. The naked Viburnum berries are now greenish white. Nabalus Albus (white lettuce) perhaps a week? Varies in leaves. Spiranthese gracilis slender neottia for some time. Goddyera repens—white veined rattlesnake plantain some days (?) Bartonia tenella (Centaurella) ap. leafless plant in earth in Ministerial swamp. Hieracium Gronovi (?)  An aster near the lygodium with numerous small white flowers ap either the unbelled or spreading of Big. Just opening.


No man ever makes a discovery—ever an observation of the least importance—but he is advertised of the fact by a joy that surprises him. The powers thus celebrate all discovery. The squirrels are now devouring the hazel nuts fast. A lupine blossomed again.