September 7

September 7, 1852 in Thoreau’s Journal:

[on Mt. Monadnock, NH]  

Though this vegetation was humble—yet it was very productive of fruit. In one little hollow between the rocks grew—blue berries—chokeberries—bunch berries— —red cherries—wild currents (ribes prostratum with the berry the odor of skunk cabbage—but a not quite disagreeable wild flavor) a few raspberries still—holly-berries—mt cranberries (Vaccinium vitis idaea) all close together.  The little soil on the summit between the rocks was covered with the Potentilla tridentata now out of bloom—the prevailing plant at the extreme summit.  Mt ash berries also.  Descending toward Troy a little after 1 Pm plucked the Trillium Erythrocarpum with the large red berry (painted Trillium).