January 8, 1860

in Thoreau’s Journal:

Today it is very warm and peasant.  Walk to Walden….After December all weather that is not wintry is spring-like. How changed are our feelings and thoughts by this more genial sky!  When I get to the railroad, I listen from time to time to hear some sound out of the distance which will express the mood nature. The cock and the hen, that pheasant which we have domesticated, are perhaps the most sensitive among domestic animals to atmospheric changes. You cannot listen a moment such a day as this, but you will hear from far or near the clarion of the cock celebrating this new season, yielding to the influence of the south wind, or the drawling note of the the hen dreaming of eggs that are to be. These are the sounds that fill the air, and no hum of insects. They are affected like voyagers on approaching the land. 


We discover a new world every time we see the earth again after it has been covered for a season with snow.