April 4, 1853


in Thoreau’s Journal:

Rain Rain

To Clematis Brook via Lee’s Bridge. Again I notice that early reddish or purplish grass that lies flat on the pools––like a warm blush suffusing the youthful face of the year. A warm dripping rain heard on ones umbrella as on a snug roof––and on the leaves without suggests comfort–– We go abroad with a slow but sure contentment like turtles under their shells–– We never feel so comfortable as when we are abroad in a storm with satisfaction–– Our comfort is positive then. We are all compact & our thoughts collected. We walk under the clouds & mists as under a roof….   A rainy day is to the walker in solitude and retirement like the night––few travelers are about––& they half hidden under umbrellas and confined to the highways. One’s thoughts run in a different channel than usual–– It is somewhat like the dark day––it is a light night.