July 1, 1852

in Thoreau’s Journal:

A cloudy and slightly showery morning––following a thundershower the previous afternoon. One object to see the white lilies in blossom. The trillium arvense or rabbits Foot Clover is just beginning to show its color––& in the same state is the ( I think) Lysimachia stricta or upright Loosestrife? by the Back Road. The mullein generally now begin to show their pure yellow in roadside fields––and the white cymes of the elder are conspicuous on the edges of the copses. I perceive the meadow fragrance still–– From the bridge I see a bream’s nest in soft sand on the edge of deeper water––scooped out quite deep with very sharp edges sloping both ways. Some peeweets which probably have eggs in Conants cornfield make a great ado twittering & circling about the dog. The path by the woods is red with the effoete staminiferous flowers of the white pine It is more agreeable walking this cloudy day with a few harmless sun showers––than it would be in a glaring sunny day–– It is pleasant to behold so much of the landscape in the shadow of the clouds.–– especially to look off from the top of conantum under shady walnut boughs to larger shades in the vallies––all Nine acre corner in the cool & shade of a cloud.


Roses are in their prime now––growing amid huckleberry bushes ferns––& sweet ferns––especially about some dry pond hole––some paler some more red. Methinks they must have bloomed in vain while only wild men roamed––